Monday, February 13, 2012

My Valentines!

           I have always been in love with valentines day. I love it ALL! I love seeing the pure happiness in couples faces the joy that fills the air in practically EVERY restaurant.  Last year I was so READY for valentines day waiting for my prince charming to come to my door with chocolates, roses and of course the teddy bear! Well it sorta happen that way. Last year I was already in a one year relationship and that was our second valentines! The first year we spent valentines day at disneyland and had a lovely dinner at rain forest cafe. I couldn't imagine how he could surpass the previous year but he swore he was going to! Well  on the actual day I ended up having the flu chad was stressed and stopped real quick at Ralph's to get chocolate (accidentally getting diabetic chocolate).  I thought man valentines day is ruined Im sick and I got diabetic chocolate. I was really sick and just wanting to get my frustration out someway! So I blamed it on chad and those chocolates PEOPLE I BLAMED IN ON POOR CHAD AND CHOCOLATES COME ON REALLY??? LOL! I cared way to much about expectations being surpassed! looking back now I should of been more thankful for what I had instead of caring about valentines day being so called "Ruined". We both realized last year that valentines could be celebrated any day so we ended up having a fun date that weekend and we went to color me mine, dinner and a movie.  I now realized that valentines day truly can and should be any day and who says there should only be 1 day a year. Valentines day is about being thankful for your significant other. Its nice to have 1 day set aside to truly remind us of those we love and to go above and beyond to show how much you really care, I completely forgot this last year. I cared to much about the day and buying into the hoopla instead of enjoying the person who was in my life at that time. 
            This year I am spending my valentines day very single with one of my single girlfriends. We are gonna grab some grub and go catch a movie specifically The Vow! During dinner we will sit and watch others be in love and feel sick by how much people are in love, but at the same time totally wishing we were that girl spooning over her man! In the moving I will have a huge heart shape box of candies that we will enjoy while drooling over Channing Tatum.  It will be an amazing night spent with a truly wonderful person! This year I am cherishing those I love on valentines day and just being thankful for those that I have. So ladies and gentleman even if you don't buy into valentines day just take a split second(or longer) to be thankful that you have people in your life that LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY! With all this said Have a sincerely WONDERFUl Valentines Day

                        XOXO LIZ <3

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