Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crazy thing called Life! :)

Lately life has just be so busy. (one reason why we havent been on recently) This season in our life has been absolutely amazing but at the same time bitter sweet.
       Elizabeth Holmberg: I graduated last thursday from Sonora High School I was so happy and excited but when the ceremony started it set in and I started thinking "this is real I am acutally graduating and leaving this place." High school for me was not the best time but even though I craved leaving for so long in the end it was truely sad because I have so many memories that were created at Sonora. Yet so exciting because I am starting a whole new chapter in my life a chapter where people will know me for the person ive become not the person i have been. I am stoked to see all that God has in store for this exciting NEW chapter.
         Last update July 5th I will be leaving sunny California till August 8th. I will be in NEW YORK FOR A WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH JEALOUS? I would be! I am attending a theatre camp in the city where THEATRE LIVES!
       Matthew Holmberg: I have been so busy with work, school and studying whats new? My dad hired me to work for his company which has been an absolute blessing I have learned so much about the buisness and it has expanded my horizon. After work I usually go to school I am currently taking a math class, spanish class, management class and 2 real estate classes. When I am not at work or at school I am usually studying. I am working hard now so that I can graduate from UCI next year. After I graduate I plan to go back for my teaching credentials.

           Thats about it I hope you all have enjoyed our lovely update and we promise to find more time to update our blogg! Hope all is well God bless you all!