Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grandma Holmberg's memorial service poem


We aspire to be like our Grandmother
Living a life dedicated to others
She taught us a lot, all of which we will cherish
As long as we live, her legacy will not perish

From teaching to Church to Meals on Wheels
Her love of helping others was definitely real
She was a very proud and flag waving American
She loved patriotic music and voted Republican

She loved to golf and to praise God
Her chipper sincerity was not a fa├žade
A quality of those who teach as a career
She loved kids and thought they were dear

She took pride in her roses in her front yard
She pruned those roses, she worked very hard
Her yard was one of the best on the block
This block was where she liked to walk 

Grandma loved to play Rumikub, it had her acclaim
She had Rumikub nights with her friends and that game
She loved her statue Geese she ordered one day
They had outfits and clothes for each holiday

Gobble Gobble Gobble my Grandma used to say
Every Thanksgiving, each year on turkey day
Her signature smiley faces, she would draw for you
She drew them on cards, with glasses and curly hairdos

The music of her home still fills my heart
Her ability to play the piano was truly an art
Her Methodist Church Choir was where she sang most
Yet with all of her talent, she never would boast

I find myself adrift in the memories of childhood
If just for a day, I would go back if I could
Spaghetti Spogatti and spying on the neighbors
Those are the fondest memories I savor   

There are a lot of things I am going to miss
To continue family Christmas’s is my wish
Although it will not-be the same without her
Her love is still with us, of that I am sure  

We know she will always live in our hearts
Yet no one is ever ready to part
Eternity is upon her which is happy and sad
But eternity ends suffering, of that we are glad

Grandma Holmberg is home with the Angels above
As God summons her home, we send her with love
Her sunset has come, she is now with the sky
On behalf of the cousins, we love you, and goodbye  

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Have you ever hung out with your friends and just LAUGHED? I mean not just laugh for a few minutes but litterally LAUGHED NON STOP (pee your pants LAUGHTER)? We loving hanging out together joking and laughing but when we invite friends it makes it more fun and more special. We always seem to be laughing, joking or smiling. Our friends make us laugh so much! But when you add a T.V, Friends, and some Modern Family Well man thats Some NON STOP PEING IN YOUR PANTS LAUGHTER! So anyone who has not seen modern family heres just a short little clip to show you just excactly what your missing. Hope you all enjoy!
During the summer we will have to have a Modern Family Marathon Day Basically a day full of NON STOP LAUGHTER!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are you ready to take the risk?

As some of you know Matthew and I attend a church known as ROCK HARBOR! Matthew goes to the central campus, in costa mesa while I go to the fullerton campus. Recently we have started the series Freedom where we have been talking about fear and risk. This series has been an eye opener for me personally and for many others. Today as I was wondering facebook I came upon sarah carters blog which led me to the Rock Habor fullertons blog, which was written by Sarah Carter today. As I was reading more about risk it made me think alot about my life and matthews. We just want to be people who take the risk. How would the world look if we all listened to God and took the risk that he is calling us to take? So here is the link to the Rock Habor blog I encourage all of you to take a moment and read it. RISK TO BLOOM.I challenge those who are ready, just step out and start taking more risks for our Lord our God!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Energy Is Just What I Need:VERVE

About a month ago Matthew and I got involved with a company know as Vemma. We promote their Healthy energy drinks known as VERVE! Dr. Oz endorses it (without being paid). Drinking one verve is equal to the amount of vitamins you need in a day. It tastes amazing, gives you energy and IS HEALTHY FOR YOU!!!! If this sounds like a fun opportunity, being able to drink energy drinks while promoting them and earning some $, then contact us! By Via: facebook, Phone, Email:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ranting Liberal Professors

Here is a glance into the minds of stereotypical liberal professors. These professors seem to believe that it is their right and duty to preach their political ideologies on a stage. Unfortunately for my peers and me, their stage happens to be in front of the lecture hall. It disgusts me that these professors choose to poison the minds of influential college students. These professors know that students are vulnerable to the opinions of people with authority so they intentionally take advantage of their position as an educator and preach their political beliefs. If they wanted to become preachers of radical liberal ideology then they should have pursued the career of a "news" anchor on MSNBC. We think that this would make a great book! Ranting Liberal Professors by the Smiley Siblings...what do you think??? Whenever I hear my professor utter something outrageous, I write it down and save it for whenever I need it or want to use it. I have over 50 quotes from Ranting Liberal Professors, here are a few of them.

 “Fox (news) sits there today and outright Stalin style tells lie after lie and another lie to back that up and another to back that up and another and another. It’s systematic Nazi or communist propaganda!” Civil Liberties 2011

“When these tea party freaks, that took over the Republican party, spit on black congressmen only, push around black security guards only, they are saying something because they think that that is where all of their money is going. A lot more of it is going to Donald Trump.” (speak action concept) Civil Liberties 2011

 “When Jerry Brown was first governor he refused to live in the Governors Mansion, something you can never imagine Nancy Reagan agreeing to do.” California Politics 2011

“We live in a state where people complain that corporate taxes are so high. If they were so highly taxed, wouldn’t they be bringing in more money for the state?” California Politics 2011

“There is an effort to go after Social Security which is the most successful program with the least amount of problems.” Global Economy 2011

“Religion is just an emotional crutch for people who cannot get through life on their own.” World History 2010- This quote was said by a TA who is a PHD student aspiring to become a professor. 

“ (the Arizona Bill) obliges officers to stop people who they think may be here illegally.”
World History 2010 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everyone Needs Some Loving!

My brother, Matthew Franklin Holmberg, is the definition of unique, and  as some of you know my charming brother is currently single. I use to dream about him and my best friend, Rose Joyce Travis, getting married but it doesn't look too promising. He has so much love to give to a wonderful Lady. We are looking for someone who is unique, likes dumb jokes, can go on adventures, and of course gets along with ME! He might be shy at first but honestly who isn't. He loves to cook and go to the beach but not so much the cliche of  "long walks on the beach". He loves his family, animals, politics, and most of all GOD! So ladies if you are reading this and adore my brother Call him, Text him, Email him. He is in no rush whatsoever, so go ahead and take your time!

So ladies who will his lovely princess be? Are you his cinderella?!?!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


 There are few words to describe how extremely thankful we are for our mother, Cynthia Joyce Holmberg.   Our Mom always believes in us no matter what. We have learned so many life lessons from her, and for that we just want to say thank you. Our mom is an honorable, admirable and loving woman. We are so undeniably blessed so, mom, thank you. We dedicate this song "wind beneath our wings" because honestly, there is no better way of saying thank you!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

family is what you make it

     There is a certain comfort that comes with knowing that we have each other to lean on, our parents who love us and our friends who care. As some of you know this time in  life has brought tons of tears and lots of laughter.
     Two weeks ago our Grandma Holmberg went to a beautiful place, Heaven. Our grandma had a wonderful life full of loves such as Golf, Music, America, Family, and most of all GOD. About 5 years ago our grandma was diagnosed with alzheimers disease which was hard, our grandma sadly changed.Though we know we will never see my grandma again on this earth, we do know that we will meet her up in heaven. God answered our prayers and took away all her pain. While we were happy she was out of pain, we cried many tears knowing that we will never get to see her on this earth again. Grandma, we know that you are here with your children and grandchildren watching over us with so much joy and love.
~Matt and Liz    May 5, 2011

      While it was hard, Matthew and I have realized how blessed we truly are. Many of you have shown endless support and love towards our family and for that we are enormously thankful.
      This experience has brought our entire family closer, and I do not feel that this is just temporary. I guess it is so true, God works in mysterious ways. After the funeral everyone came over to our house and we spent endless hours together sharing memories and laughters.

     We are so thankful for the family God has blessed us with. But during this process, we have realized that our family is not just those who are blood related but those who truly care and who are there for us in times of hurt and joy. So thank you everyone who has some way helped Matthew and me during this time. We both sincerely love you all! You mean the world to us.