Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The City that Never Sleeps

        Wow I cant believe that I am acutally here sitting in my dorm room watching New yorks twinkiling lights. The night is gorgeous the city has its own unique sounds. If i listen I can hear the subways, the horns of angry cab drivers, and the sound of people walking around at 11:35 pm. Though im so happy to be in such a wonderful place I am already somewhat Homesick. I miss my room I miss my brother, I miss my sister (rose joyce travis), I miss my dad. I know that this homesick feeling will go away as soon as I have a regular routine.
     My roomates are awesome! One is from Russia and goes to NYU while the other one is from Spain and speaks many different languages. I am already being introduced to different cultures and I havent even been here for a whole day.
      Tomorrow will be the start of it all. I start my classes and I will start to make tons of new friends who have the same interest and love for Musical Theatre.
  Well its just start of this new adventure and I promise to keep everyone updated. I ask everyone to pray for my safety, pray that i am able to show peers that i am a women of God, and pray for me to know that he is right here with me every step of the way.
Love you ALL and I honestly Miss everyone! TEXT ME CALL ME  EMAIL ME OR FACEBOOK ME!!! It will help :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Losing a friend

Well this has been on our minds a lot lately, losing a friend. Here is song to convey what we feel. Even though this song is a love song, we think it is appropriate for this topic. Just think of it as a friendship you are trying to remind someone about, not a lost love. haha! Listen to this as you read our blog.

There are those friends who you really do not mind losing and then there are those who you really miss. Often, you are not totally sure why you lost them. There is no fight to point to or an argument to blame. Perhaps you simply let too much time pass before you talked to them. Perhaps you did something to hurt them and you did not realize it. Perhaps you stayed the same and the other person changed. Perhaps you changed, without knowing it, and the other person remained the same. Perhaps you were never as close of friends as you thought you were, this thought hurts the most. All I know is that my sister and I both have a couple friends who we lost and we are not totally sure why they do not talk to us anymore.

You know you lost them as a friend because you text them and get no response or you message them and get no reply. Eventually, you simply stop trying because you feel like an idiot. You feel like an idiot for trying to maintain a friendship that has ended for a reason you cannot seem to figure out. You feel like you are bugging them every time you text them or message them. Of course, you usually want to save some dignity so you rarely confront them about it. Instead, you try to accept that this friendship now exists only as a memory, a memory that will always make you a bit morose when you reflect upon the good times. You know that you are sad to have lost those certain friends when they sneak into your dreams or frequently intrude into your thoughts. The more you try to put them in your past, the more you wonder, what did I do wrong? It is that uncertainty about what caused the friendship to end which stings the most.

Finally, there are those friends who you still have. However, you feel a bit more distance between you both lately. You still talk and hang out but something is not the same. All you want is for things to go back to how they were. There is still hope for these friendships but when those feelings start to settle, it is hard to reverse the feelings. I often feel like people grow up and grow "out" of the friendship. Fortunately or unfortunately, we do not grow up and we do not mature. We keep that kid like spirit and put on a smile as we really do enjoy life. We act silly and still like to go on adventures. We do not really do the whole drinking scene or whatnot because we are still kids at heart. But sometimes we wish we did, especially when that sense of loneliness and sadness overwhelms us. We remember those friends and solemnly reflect and reminisce about the good times. Is it just us who feels like this or is this common amongst our peers? Let us know, please.