Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The City that Never Sleeps

        Wow I cant believe that I am acutally here sitting in my dorm room watching New yorks twinkiling lights. The night is gorgeous the city has its own unique sounds. If i listen I can hear the subways, the horns of angry cab drivers, and the sound of people walking around at 11:35 pm. Though im so happy to be in such a wonderful place I am already somewhat Homesick. I miss my room I miss my brother, I miss my sister (rose joyce travis), I miss my dad. I know that this homesick feeling will go away as soon as I have a regular routine.
     My roomates are awesome! One is from Russia and goes to NYU while the other one is from Spain and speaks many different languages. I am already being introduced to different cultures and I havent even been here for a whole day.
      Tomorrow will be the start of it all. I start my classes and I will start to make tons of new friends who have the same interest and love for Musical Theatre.
  Well its just start of this new adventure and I promise to keep everyone updated. I ask everyone to pray for my safety, pray that i am able to show peers that i am a women of God, and pray for me to know that he is right here with me every step of the way.
Love you ALL and I honestly Miss everyone! TEXT ME CALL ME  EMAIL ME OR FACEBOOK ME!!! It will help :)

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