Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HAL BENVENISTE- A poem and video tribute

I am having copyright issues with uploading this video to the web because of the music so I hope this link works.
Click here to view Hal's Tribute Video (played at funeral)

We aspire to be like our grandfather
Living a life dedicated to others
Hal taught us a lot, all of which we will cherish
As long as we live, his legacy will not perish

From working for the L.A. Times in its heyday
To helping out his community in a big way
Hal was the personification of Kiwanis
Hal was a giant of a man who we will all miss.

 Hal changed our lives, that’s for sure
He made us better people, right down to the core
His spirit, his strength, his contagious happy vibe
Even when he was in pain, he seemed so alive

Pachanga Miranga, bim boo bah, shentesay
Those are some made up words Hal used to say
I am just a poor Jewish immigrant from East L.A.
That is another phrase Hal loved to say

Hal had many passions in his life
One was square dancing with his wife
Another was producing newsletters, of which he was editor
The Ol’ Timers Publication and the Kiwanis Klapper

Hal loved his Mercedes oh so very much
In his Mercedes he often took my family to lunch
Hal was generous with his money and time
Hal was truly one of a kind

Hal spent a lot of time volunteering in local schools
From the B.U.G. program to ArtMasters, Kids thought Hal was cool
He took underprivileged kids back to school shopping with their families
He organized this through Kiwanis, the biannual shopping sprees

Hal was a devout Jewish man and praised God
Hals chipper sincerity was not a facade
A quality that made him the best Grandpa ever
We are blessed to have Hal as our adopted Grandpa forever

We ask God to treat our Grandpa Hal with care
With the very same affection that my mom gave to Hal’s hair
My mom was Hal’s hair stylist for many years
While I won’t let her touch my hair, Hal had no fear

Hal taught me to always put my best foot forward
He taught me to smile through the days that seem hard
Hal taught me that volunteering is good for the soul
He showed me that giving to others makes you spiritually full

Farewell my friend, my very dear friend
Thanks for the memories, right up to the end
We know you will always live in our hearts,
We love you so much, and so desperately do not want to part 

Our Grandpa is home with the angels above
As God summons Hal home, we send him with love
Hal is over the rainbow, Hal is now with the sky
On behalf of the family, we love you and goodbye 

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